Fiction Friday: Treadmill

Bare feet pound against dry, cracked earth.
Each step leading to nowhere.
The horizon never changing.

Heartbeats pound against tight, stitched ribs.
Each pulse leading to the last.
The horizon too far to care.

Despair pounds against ever-waning hope.
Each second leading to the end.
The horizon stares on, aloof and distant.

Faith pounds against the impatient horizon.
Each thump a call to believe.
The horizon swells. The horizon cheers.

Fiction Friday: [As DIsquietude Flows Through Delta Waves]

“Close your eyes,” whispered the moon.
The words slid slick down its beam of white and I surrendered.
Falling deeper and deeper into the abyss, I grew
feather-light, airborne at the slightest sigh of a breeze.
The world fell quieter and quieter around me until
the silence thickened, hanging like a noose around my neck.
Thoughts gathered and swelled and I swayed
from a branch of worry and anxiety and events of the day.
Molecules solidified too quickly and
I longed to be weightless once again.
I longed to be light.
I longed for the light.
“Open your eyes,” whispered the sun. 
The words slid soothingly down its beam of yellow
and I surrendered.